Inspired by craigslist. Learn more about mycru’s “no-middlemen” philosophy and how the platform works

What kind of job seekers is mycru made for?

mycru is made for the entire 21st century work force and beyond. We help both freelancers and job seeking employees to find work. Some of our trending categories are:

  • Data Science & Analytics
  • Web, Mobile & Software Developers
  • Sales & Marketing
  • Movie & Commercial Film Production
  • Influencers (NEW)
  • Creative Directors
  • Actors
  • Models
  • IT & Networking
  • Admin Support
  • Engineering & Architecture
  • Design & Creative
  • Dj’s
  • Writing
  • Translation
  • Legal
  • Customer Service
  • Accounting & Consulting

mycru is for free, but what is your business model?

mycru is totally free for freelancers and employers. We don’t have a sign up fee and we do not charge any kind of commission fees for posting and getting jobs. If you are a freelancer, you will receive your payments directly from your employers.

In order to finance the platform we rent ad-space in our homepage slider and if you don’t like to see those ads you can switch to mycru Premium and use the ad-free version of mycru.

I like to work for mycru, how can I apply for a role? Are you hiring?

Yes we are hiring. If you like to work for mycru, please simply sign up and add all your skills and your CV to your mycru profile page.

Is there a way to place advertising on mycru?

You can place a video on our homepage slider or book banner space on our log-out page. Learn more and see our current price list at  https://mycru.io/book-your-ad/

Can I add my mycru profile on my website?

Yes you can display your mycru profile page with all reviews on your own website. Like this you can receive bookings already directly through your own website. To set it up is easy.

Use the embed code below. Simply copy and paste it into your website and exchange the username for your mycru username (no empty spaces in usernames allowed)

Your username was sent to you during registration. You can also go to your mycru profile page and check the browser url, or simply go to your mycru profile page and look at the very bottom of the page where you will find your “mycru Profile”-link for copy and paste.


I signed up on mycru but my profile is not active yet

After signing up, you need to select your skills and add a short text about yourself in your user profile to get full access to the platform. To do that select the EDIT button on the right of your mycru profile page and fill the fields.

Is there a way to access mycru’s skill list and job list as API?

Yes, you can implement the mycru skill list via REST API in your own apps. The skill list contains more than 12000 professional skills and job titles and is constantly growing with the help of the community of professionals. We are providing this endpoint to help other developers to build job or HR related applications or any application that is using professional job titles and skill tags. It is helpful to prevent free form inputs in your apps when asking for job skills or professional titles. With this API you can build smarter logics with your data and benefit from mycru’s curated data structure.
If you want to learn more about the mycru API click  https://mycru.io/mycru-api/

I like to add a link to my mycru profile page on my own website

On the bottom of your public profile page you can find your unique profile url.

The url structure is: https://mycru.io/u/USERNAME

If your username is johndoe the link to your profile would be https://mycru.io/u/johndoe
We also sent you your username during the registration.

We recommend adding your profile url to email signatures, on social media pages and on your website.

What kind of information can I show on my public mycru profile?

Your mycru profile is important to present yourself to employers. You have a range of fields that you can use such as:

  • CV/ short description text about yourself (required)
  • Skill tags
  • Job title
  • Homepage (will be fully embedded as clickable site in mycru if https:// url)
  • Vimeo (link to one specific vimeo video not a vimeo channel)
  • SoundCloud
  • Twitter feed
  • Behance
  • Team/Company
  • LinkedIn
  • Equipment list
  • Clients list
  • GitHub Profile (displays your GitHub name and number of repositories)
  • Awards
  • Artist Name
  • IMDB
  • Portfolio screen shots
  • Years of experience
  • Day rate
  • Cities where you can work as a local
  • Availability status


I like mycru, how can I support the platform?

There are several ways you can help mycru

  • First of all please tell your friends about mycru.io We are also reachable under mycru.de
  • If you have a website or blog please place our small banner code on your page. You can copy and paste the banner code here
  • Write a short testimonial or review for mycru here 
  • Let us know your improvement ideas or ideas for future features using our Idea Box. We are constantly further developing and improving the platform based on our members input
  • Consider becoming a mycru patron with a donation. Click here (All supporters will be listed on our supporters page. You can also make a donation in the name of your company)
  • Join our facebook group for more job offers here

Please like mycru on FB and follow us on LinkedIn


Thanks for your support!

I am represented by a talent agency, can I still use mycru?

Yes of course you can. Many freelancers have a contract with an agent, either exclusive or for a certain field of activity. But this doesn’t mean that they don’t have to look for work on their own. mycru helps you to get jobs through the platform. When you bid for a job you should add your agency fee and later on forward it on your own to your agent. After winning a bid, you could also directly tell your agency to send your contract and invoice to your employer. But of course if you do not have any representation contracts you earn the full 100% of your freelancer fee. mycru is not charging any kind of commission fees like all other job platforms.

How can I embed my own website on my public mycru profile page?

You can easily embed your website on your mycru profile in a clickable window. This is a great way to show your work. All you need is an iframeable website. After login click EDIT profile and enter the full url of your website in the HOMEPAGE field (you need to include https:// ).

Important: You need to have SSL installed on your website. Your domain url must be  https://   If your domain is starting with http://  it will not be shown. Http://  website are not considered safe.

Note: you cannot use a facebook, linkedin or twitter page or other websites that are blocking webpage iframing. In case you are not sure talk to your website admin and enable iframe embedding for your site.

TIP: You can check if your website can be displayed via iframe with this:

jsfiddle https://jsfiddle.net/westonruter/6mSuK/

(In the html Editor change the wikipedia url to your own domain and run the code. If your page shows up in the preview window, you can be sure that iframe is working with your page).

What is the mycru Favorites list?

Every member has a “Add member to my Favorites list” button on her or his profile page.

This is useful to bookmark members while you browse profiles. On your dashboard menu you will see all your bookmarked people under MY FAVS. The button also shows you on how many shortlists you are yourself at the moment. The Favorites list is a mycru Premium feature. If you want to see all mycru Premium features click here.


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